Hi! I’m Aidah.

I’m on a mission to help people re-establish their relationships with food; I help people eat their way in to their dream bodies.

Isn’t it amazing, how the greatest challenges in life could be the very thing that launches us in to our life’s mission?


Your calling, or life purpose as we call it, could be perfectly nuzzled in the center of that which threatens to destroy you.

My weight had been a monumental problem through most of my teen years, up until I reached my thirties, three years ago.

What started off as an adolescent issue – growing thighs, bigger butt – soon escalated to a self-esteem issue; I started wearing baggy clothes to hide my ever growing body, started staying indoors and avoiding friends and social circles, and ultimately, it led to overeating, an ironic and self-destructing coping method, that evolved into a full-blown binge disorder in my late twenties.

As in many similar cases, and due to other life factors, the binge eating disorder brought with it a strong bout of clinical depression and anxiety disorder.

Yep. There’s nothing like a triple dose of misery to knock the life out of you!

Through it all, with a terrifying tale of experience and a bold battle to regain my sanity, I overcame all three diseases.

I lost a lot along the way, but I gained just as much.

After healing from depression and anxiety disorder (5 claps for me!), my weight was the last demon standing.


Discovering the Power of Nutrition

Getting into fitness wasn’t intentional. I didn’t choose fitness and nutrition; it chose me.

After months of working out without losing any weight, I got curious about just how crucial the role of nutrition plays, especially when it comes to losing a ton of weight.

My curiosity led me to hundreds of hours of research, and in the process, creating a food plan that transformed my body into a fat burning machine.

Within 12 weeks, I had lost a total of 17kgs (37lbs); and I was just getting started.


Discovering the power of nutrition to the human body was the best thing that happened to me.

Not only did I literally start to melt, I had more energy, my skin glowed, I slowly regained my confidence and self-esteem….it was like I’d discovered a new lease of life – via food.


The meal plan I created was working great, but the weight loss became too much; I became what fitness experts call “skinny fat”; where I had lost a lot of fat – but just as much muscle, due to extreme dieting.


Losing muscle leaves you looking frail and without curves. I was happy to finally call myself “skinny” for once in my life. But once I attained that, I realized it’s not what I wanted.

Back to research.

I dived into hours of research, figuring out how to regain muscle-mass, while continuing to drop fat-mass.

I created a new meal plan and hit the gym, taking weights more seriously, and reducing my cardio sessions.

I gained back a little weight (all muscle) and this time I could even see my abs! I started getting stronger, leaner, and the best part of it was…I got to eat more food.

Aidah Abs 6.jpg

The journey continues. Every season brings with it some challenges, discouragement, gains and new discoveries, but I’m loving every moment of my fitness journey. I love watching my body transform through this slow but rewarding process.

Above all, I love passing forward my knowledge and watching other people transform through my programs.