How To Make “Treat Meals” Work For You

Today is “Cheat Day” for most; Read this before you indulge!

Eat. Slay. Repeat!

If you’ve been a good girl or guy all week, you’ve hit the gym hard and followed your meal prep, then you know how good it feels to reward yourself with a ‘cheat’ meal.

We call them Cheat Days, right?

The word ‘cheat’ gives an illusion of something dirty, illegal, causing guilt; but a treat meal is meant to be savored, enjoyed and used to motivate you for the next week. A treat meal is not cheating on your diet, it’s simply taking a small break to indulge while still living out your healthy lifestyle.

So let’s start by ditching the word cheat –from your meals and from your life – and look at it as a treat from now on. Kapish? Great.


Treat meals can actually be very useful to your fitness journey and can even get you out of that weight-loss plateau!

  • Treat meals “reset” the hormones responsible…

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