My Best Post-Workout Snacks

Nourish your protein and glycogen depleted stores with some of my creative post workout snacks of all time!

If you’re keen on losing fat or building muscle, then you know the importance of post-workout nutrition.

Exercise breaks down your muscle carbohydrate and protein structures, and your body needs the adequate nutrition to rebuild muscle. Without a proper post-workout nutrition strategy, your muscles may never reach their full potential.

These post workout snacks with help you lose weight, build muscle, speed up recovery and give you energy after an exhausting workout.


Post-Workout Snacks On The Go:

These recipes are portable snacks that you can carry to the gym and consume immediately after your workout.

  1. Vanilla Orange Protein Muffins
  2. Whey too good pancakes!
  3. Banana & Whey Protein
  4. Protein oat cookies
  5. Granola protein bars


These Ones Make You Want To Run Home Immediately After Your Workout!

  1. Oatmeal Pudding
  2. Sweet Potato Pie in a Cup
  3. Two-minute cake. Yep




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