The Massive Benefits of Meal Prepping & How to Get it Done

If you’re serious about losing weight, leaning out or adding lean muscle, you know the role of nutrition cannot be underestimated.
Planning your foods in advance ensures you have the nutrients you need readily available, in their correct macros.
When you’re foods are not preplanned, you are likely to step out on your food plan when hunger strikes.
Lack of pre-planning can also make you over eat, under eat and lose track of your intake.
‘Clean’ eating can be expensive, but meal prepping makes it cheaper when you buy things in bulk and take advantage of your freezer.

Every once in a while I get caught up with life and don’t get time to do my Sunday Meal Prep, but what I have noticed for certain, is that I am always leaner when I’m on meal prep.


Aidah Abs

I love meal prepping because its simple, quick and incredibly convenient.
With my meals pre-packed one week ahead, I can carry one as I dash out of the house or I can serve it up on a plate and microwave real quick.
It takes the guess work out of what yo eat every day, weighing my food every day and cooking daily.

How To Get It Done In One Hour

The first time I ever did a meal prep, I stood in the kitchen for 3 solid hours, I thought my back was going to crack!

It shouldn’t be the case, and I learnt it the hard way.

For a quick and successful meal prep, you have to plan ahead.

For this meal prep, I’m making Pilau Brown Rice with steamed veggies and baked minced chicken breast.

I like to soak my brown rice overnight with the hope of making them cook faster.
(If you want to know how to make my healthy, hearty pilau brown rice, check it out here)

Chicken breast can tend to get dry and bland sometimes, so this time I switched it up by having it ground. I then made a delicious, moist, flavorful ground chicken breast bake patty. Find recipe here.

I also like to chop or slice my veggies before hand to save more time. If you’re short on time, and you have a home assistant, they can assist you with this; though its a rather quick task.

Meal Prep In 1 Hour:

Place your rice in a pot, follow simple cooking instructions here and let cook.
While rice is cooking, toss all your veggies with 1 tbsp coconut oil, 1 tbsp low-sodium soy sauce or Bragg’s Liquid Amino, garlic, 1 tbsp tomato paste, your favorite spices and a little water and let steam.
Remove your meat from the marinade bag and place it on the oven tray. Use foil beneath to avoid sticking.
Flatten out your ground chicken into one square-shaped chicken patty. At this point I assume you know the weight of your chicken so you will know how to portion it. If you do not have a weighing scale, simply ask the butcher to weigh it before you buy, deduct about 100g water-weight and evenly divide)
Toss it into your pre-heated oven at medium-high heat (oven temperatures vary). Mine cooks for 20 minutes, anything beyond that makes it dry out. You want it perfectly cooked, with some of the juices still flowing.
Remove your chicken and allow it to cool.
Cut your chicken in equal portions (in this picture, the meat was 1.4kg, so I rounded it off to 1.3kg to reduce water-weight. To get 100g portions into 10. The extra weight allows for the veggies mixed in to the meat.)
Line up all your containers and serve equals portions of rice, veggies and chicken breast patties.
Allow the food to cool, cover up your containers and put them in the fridge.
There. Done!

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