So You Have a Fairly Flat Tummy and Want to Reveal some Abs? #6weekstoa6pack

Aidah Abs 6


I get why everyone’s stoked about the six-pack.

A solid set of abs is the holy grail of fitness and physical appeal. A 6 pack is the unspoken way of saying, “I’m pretty hot, and yeah, I woke up like this” (even though you know you literally worked your butt off to look that good.

Abdominal muscles (aka the famous 6-pack) can only be revealed with minimal body fat around the core. Doing 100 sit-ups every day will not only tire you out, but will barely get you to spotting that pack.

Like with all other lean body goals, you have to have a strategic nutrition and fitness plan. With a fool-proof plan, you WILL have a 6-pack in 6 weeks.

At this point, i have to reiterate that  #6weekstoa6pack works for those who have minimal body fat around their bellies.


Image Courtesy of Pinterest


If you have higher body fat around your hips and thighs but you are blessed with a fat tummy, this #6weekstoa6pack plan can still work for you too.


Image result for african curvy lady with flat belly

Image Courtesy of Pinterest


If you have a considerably higher body fat percentage, the same formula applies, but it will take longer, depending on how much fat you have.

If you’re not already active, you need to get started. High intensity workout are your best bet at rapid fat loss, coupled with a fail-proof fat-loss meal plan.

Let’s get you ready for those abs! Be sure to thank me later 🙂


six pack model 2

  1.  Stop eating crap. For the next 6 weeks, rid your pantries of all things with wheat, sugar, vegetable oils, processed foods and deep fried anything.
  2. Get yourself a solid meal plan. Download an app called MyFitnesspal and calculate how many calories you need to eat to reduce your weight. Log in your food daily – log everything, even salt and spices – and track it to ensure you do not over eat or under eat. Better still, purchase Aidah’s Fat Blast, my popular program that offers up to 3kg weight-loss every 2 weeks. This customized program saves you the hustle of tracking and calculating your calories, as we do it for you. Check out Aidah’s Fat Blast here and get in touch to receive your program and start dropping those pounds!
  3. Identify a rigid workout program that fits in to your schedule. At the end of this point, you’ll realize that there’s no such thing as “I don’t have enough time” to achieve your ab goals. If you have a tight daily schedule, my Fab Abs! program will get you to your 6 pack goals along with everybody else! Our Fab Abs program is customized for tight scheduled individuals, to people who would rather work out at home than the gym, fitness beginners and advanced gym rats! Check out the program here to get started.
  4. Grab a partner. Even though they live a distance apart, you can be virtual workout buddies. Doing it with someone keeps you motivated and accountable.
  5. Mind over matter: Whatever you set your mind to, you will achieve. This has been tried, tested and proved through out the existence of time. Once you set your mind to this challenge and set your brain to tackle the next 6 weeks, you are half way to your goal!






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